Payments Unlocks your sales pipeline (10)
Make Payments Easy for Your Clients

The clean technology industry is competitive. Customers have little capital to spare and low direction on where to start. Leveraging EnPowered’s Payments resources will help you show them how easy it is to get started with your solutions right away, with no money upfront. 

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What is payments (3)
Resource: Payments Overview

No money up-front. Streamlined on-bill payments. No matter what is preventing your customers from putting ink down on their project, our Payments overview will help you present our value clearly and effectively. Talk to us about co-branding the overview for your business!

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How Payments Works

How Payments Works (7)
Resource: EnPowered Payments Business Case

Do you have stalled deals? EnPowered Payments will unlock these “unwinnable” opportunities by streamlining the lending and payment processes. Download our business case for insight on how to present our services to clients and unlock your project pipeline.

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A simpler way to sell energy solutions (3)
FAQ-section (1)
Resource: Partner FAQ

How do I get paid? How does the approval process work for my clients? As our partner, you have questions about how Payments works. Our Partner FAQ provides everything you need to know about our solution—so you close more deals and get the most from our partnership.

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Additional Resources

SlimGym Case Study

Use this Case Study to show lighting customers with budget issues how EnPowered will allow them to pay with their future savings, and stay cash-flow positive.

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Project Information Details

Use this document to collect the due diligence information our lenders need to qualify your customer’s project. We will likely follow up for additional financial statements or questions at a later stage, but this is enough to get the process started.

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Qualifying for Payments

Use the criteria in this overview to determine if your customer’s project qualifies for our on-bill repayment solution.

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Get Access to Your New Sales Team

From joint sales calls to proposal support, EnPowered has the expertise to move those stalling projects across the finish line — so you can ring your Sales gong more often. 

In partnership with us, you gain access to an invested team of marketing, customer success, and sales professionals focused on growing your revenue and reaching your total addressable market. 

EnPowered will maintain communication with your sales team throughout our partnership, but we encourage you to reach out to us about any energy-related deal. We will add value to any project, so your business and sales scale higher than ever.